Piano Lessons at Kids 'n Keys Piano Studio

Offers piano lessons to children and adults in Alameda, CA and surrounding communities

My Philosophy:


You are about to embark on a rich musical journey filled with the spirit of excitement, wonder, adventure and joy.


It is my pleasure to be your guide on this journey to awaken the love of music and the piano. My 20 years of piano teaching experience will guide and mentor each student to reach their full musical potential to express sensitivity, imagination, artistry, and self confidence.


Each student's unique abilities and learning style are used to attain maximum success. The complex elements of music are simplified for the beginning student so their musicality is developed from the first lesson.


The key is to identify and encourage the student to  focus on things in which they excel and use the confidence gained to work on the challenging aspects of the piano.


The love of music is the foundation and building block. That foundation will allow a lifelong enjoyment of the piano.


Registrations are open for Spring, Summer & Fall.


Tuition is based on 12 months of lessons with lessons to begin the first week of September. Summer lessons are encouraged and accomodations can be made for any planned vacations.


Parents are welcome to use a sitting area with TV, games and activities during lessons.


New students are offered a free lesson during an introductory interview. Please contact me for a time to schedule your interview.


You can register online by clicking the Registration page.

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